I have completed my master cleanse and am about to cook my soup. I’ve  decided to continue with a detox of sorts, in that I’m eliminating Caffiene, dairy and meat from my diet and stick to a vegetarian diet until I’m feeling right. I think I should have done the cleanse a lot longer, but Maple syrup is too  damn expensive!

So Mung bean soup is going to be my first “meal” in 13 days. and I may stick to just this for a week or so too

And I’m going to use a recipe I found on a blog. Think I’ll be dipping in here a bit for some healthy eating ideas. http://wholesomegoodness.net/2008/02/09/mung-bean-soup/

I also did a yoga class on Monday and I enjoyed. The pace was a lot slower than I thought it would be, but I think that taking it slow and learning some moves is a good thing. And I’m waiting for a keep fit DVD to come through the post. I’ve lost 14lbs on the master cleanse and can feel the benefit of losing my excess weight. Walking is easier and I feel lighter ( of course). I’m feel resolute in achieving my weight loss and healthy lifestlye. Its all good!


Master Cleanse Musings

January 29, 2010

So, I’ve kick started my new lifestyle with a Detox. I came across this on the internet and had heard about it from  the Beyonce story. I did some research into it and heard lots of positive things about it. But I literally decided the day before to start. I thought if I dont just do this, I never will.

The Cleanse is a suggested 10 day Fast, drinking nothing but the Lemonade mix, herb teas ( including a laxative tea) and Salt Water Flush at the end of the day. A lot of people think I’m crazy to not be eating whilst holding down looking after my 3 boys under 5, and maybe I am, but I can see the benefits of this Cleanse . Its also a test of my will power and a chance to reflect on my relationship with food. A real space away from food and all it means in everyday life.

I’m writing this on Day 8 of the Cleanse, and currently I feel spaced out and tired. But all in all I have had a good time on it. Went a little light headed on the first day, but haven’t really suffered too many physical affects. I think this is because I hadn’t really drank any booze for 3 weeks prior to starting. The Salt Water Flush isnt that bad either, although you do have to commit and hour every night to be on the toilet. But its a necessary part of the process, to eliminate the toxins out of your body. And yes, stuff still does come out!

The overwhelming thing I’m getting from this, is how I think about food. I had been in complete denial about how much I eat for emotional comfort. I’m angry I eat, I’m lonely I eat, I’m bored, I eat. So in that respect this has been a real help in me seeing how I relate to food and what it means to me.

I’m going to 10 days  and then I will begin my 3 day ease off, consisting of Orange Juice for a day, Veg soup for a day and then cooked vegetables the next day. And then on with the new healthy eating and exercise. I’m quite excited. I’m going to look into veggie and vegan recipes.

My Journey to lose weight

January 24, 2010

It was my 30th birthday recently, and I had set myself a target to lose weight by this benchmark birthday, but I fell pregnant with my 3rd child and all plans flew out of the window. So now things have settled down I have decided to keep my promise to myself, but with no deadlines or targets as such.

I’ve been trying to get my head around what it would be like to be a healthy weight, as I have always accepted myself the way I am. I’ve never felt held back too much, but according to the BMI index, I am peeping into the obese. I am curious and afraid of what will come by losing weight. Its actually quite weird to think of myself as anything other than cuddly. In fact I would admit to eating to get my weight back up, as I was freaked to think of myself anything less than 12 stone – what a weirdo!

So I wish to explore my thoughts and revelations as I go through this journey. In previous attempts I’ve had to seperate myself from it and in that seperation I have allowed that part of me to disappear as I have decided to give up. I’ve done exercise classes, had a personal trainer ( but it was more for hanging out ), gone on the GI diet ( which is fantastic) and more recently given up dairy, alcohol and caffeine, combined with power walks. No plans as such, just a vague idea of possibly losing some weight. What lies beyond 12 stone?

My plan so far is to detox, to wipe the internal slate clean as it were. Then begin with the healthy eating plan and exercise. That’s it really. See where we go from there…..